Combine multiple views into one graph

I'm using Kibana & Elastic search (version 7.0) for a while now, for various reports.
For some reason, I'm unable to combine some charts which should obviously and easily be possible to combine as they share the same Y-axis (time of event) and X-axis (count of events).
Some background of the data - these are exceptions thrown by an application, for which I keep several boolean flags (is it fatal, is it unhandled, etc).
Generically, I'd like to add also other filters which in the end create a X/Y chart in the same space (count / time). Here are the graphs in separate graphs, which I'd like to have combined (the difference between them is the filter I'm applying).

So question is, how can I combine these 3 views (actually 3 filters on the same data) into one chart with split bars of the respective quantities?
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm pretty sure that you can do this using a Filters bucket aggregation, as long as you translate the queries you've written into KQL queries instead. The basic configuration is:

  • Click "add sub-buckets" and choose the filters aggregation
  • Type each KQL filter and give it a custom label

Then you'll see a stacked chart with a unique color per filter.

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