Filters in Kibana 5.0.0

I am newbie in Kibana and Elasticsearch, and I am investigating functionalities of these tools.
I have traffic data that I want to load to Elasticsearch and visualize in Kibana's dashboard. In particular I need to create a bar plot with filters. If a user clicks a filter, e.g. "Group by day", "Group by hour", "Group by city", etc., then traffic data gets grouped accordingly and the bar plot gets updated in the dashboard. Is it possible to do this using Kibana and Elasticsearch? Or should I create a separate bar plot for each query and place all these bar plots in a dashboard?
Another option that I know is to use Elasticsearch with D3.js, which seems to provide more flexibility, but not sure if I am right.
I appreciate very much any clarification on this topic. A link to some relevant example will be helpful.

hi @ICG,

That's tough to do in a single visualization, because all your aggregations (day, hour, city) are of a different type.

So I agree I would create a separate visualization for each and place them in a Dashboard.

If you don't want to see those 3 charts on a single screen together, and instead want to provide a custom control to toggle them on and off, there is a couple of alternatives.

You could also create a Markdown visualization with 3 hyperlinks to 3 different dashboards/visualizations and add it to a dashboard. users can then click those links to navigate from dashboard to dashboard.

Or you could consider using the embedding functionality (clikc "share" and get the link for the iframe) and place them in your own custom page.

Hi @thomasneirynck,
Thanks for your reply.
When you say that all my aggregations are of different type, what exactly do you mean?
I need to show the average traffic volume by month, day, hour and city. So, x axis should change, while y axis will be always the volume (it will obviously be different depending on the grouping).
Just to be sure that I understood correctly, are you saying that it's impossible to do in Kibana with a single bar chart and something like a combobox with filters?

hi @ICG,

yup, i think we're on the same page.

yes, so you would not be able to change the X-axis of a visualization on the fly like that.

So, yes, you would have to create three, one for each type. (grouped by day, hour and city)

But if you would like some interactivity and not show all three at the same time on a dashboard, you have some options on how to do this. (Markdown viz with hyperlinks or embedding individual visualizations in a custom page).

Ok, thanks!

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