How to combine Latitude and Longitude columns into one Location Column and make it's type to geo_point in Elasticsearch and Hive Integration - Elasticsearch & Hive Integration

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to integrate ES-Hadoop plugin to connect Hive and Elasticsearch.
I'm able to connect the Hive and Elasticsearch. The data i'm getting in My elasticsearch index is having lat and long columns separately but i need them to be combined to one geo_point type column so that i can plot geo maps.

I tried in the following way:

        "LocationLatitude_Tile"  : {"type" : "geo_point","copy_to":"Location"},
        "LocationLongitude_Tile"  : {"type" : "geo_point","copy_to":"Location"},
        "Location": {"type" : "geo_point" }

But it is not working. Lat and Lon values are not copying to Location field.

And the other issue is :
I've a Hive table integrated with elasticsearch and i loaded the data into the table. Then I'm able to see the data in Elasticsearch but not in Hive after loading the data into hive using insert command.

Could anyone please help me out on these issues.

Thanks in advance !!


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