How to combine message field

I am passing application log to kibana via Logstash > ES > Kibana , by default its creating index and assigning values but in message filed log are getting splitted , Below are the log as log started with new line , how we can combine this log togther in single message field

[2018-01-08 16:25:20,257][INFO][pool-16-thread-21][com.att.dda.databroker.DDADataBrokerUtility][sendPBMessage][972]:[Message Published to PB: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


hi @Vikneswar,

Since this relates to data-ingestion, I think this is more of a Logstash question, and would take it over there.

From the Kibana end, you might be able to work-around it. You can concatenate the individual fields into a single one by creating a Scripted Field:

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