How to combine the complete data in a csv/txt file in to a single column in message field

Hi all,

I have a below kind of data in the file of csv format. when I try to pull the logs to kibana. its showing as a multiple lines in the kibana console(PFA)

I want the complete data in the file to come as a single line in the kibana under the message field. can any please help on this how to achieve.

Data in the log file:
objectClass: top
objectClass: ds-monitor
objectClass: ds-monitor-base-dn
ds-mon-base-dn: cn=Directory Manager
ds-mon-base-dn-entry-count: 1


If you are ingesting the data using logstash then you may be able to do it with a multiline codec.

yes, m using logstash. can i get the syntax of the multiline codec please?

Thanks in advance.

The documentation explains the syntax. Also, there are many examples in this forum.

Thanks Badger

instead of single event, can this possible to get the complete data of a file in to a multiple columns of a single entry line

Nikhilesh Gade

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