How to configure metric beat to collect OS & Ports Metric

I would like to collect OS type (Windows/Linux) from my VM's and also the list of ports/protocols its listening to. I tried adding the below in the system.yml under 'processors'

  • add_host_metadata:
    netinfo.enabled: true

However, it does not show on the Kibana dashboard. Am i missing something?

Hi @ganesh2,

add_host_metadata will indeed add information about the host, including OS, but in order to see it you need to modify dashboards to include this information. What kind of visualization are you looking for?

Best regards

Hi @exekias,

Thank you for the reply. I am looking to use the "Data Table" visualization in Kibana. The data table will contain information about the configuration of the assets like CPU cores, RAM, storage, OS type, Protocols, Ports enabled etc..
I am successful in displaying the CPU cores, RAM and storage. However other items i couldn't.

Hi @exekias,

I did some additional research. I was able to get that in the data table with the "Split Rows". Earlier it didn't display those. May be metricbeat agent took sometime to push those details?
However, i have a question. I configured the add_host_metadata only in one of the client node running the metricbeat agent. It still gets the data of few other nodes as well.

How is it that adding the "add_host_metadata" to one agent on one node contribute to getting the other servers' details on to Kibana?

Any ideas mates, on how to get the port related metrics from metricbeat?

Hi @exekias - Would you be able to share some insights on how to get the "listening ports" ?

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