How to configure Retention Policy for 7days and it has to execute automatically for Elasticsearch in Windows System

Hi Experts,

I have few doubts on retention policy .

  1. Where we need to write the retention policy code in ELK.
  2. If it is a script how we have to write and where we need to execute to get it run automatically for
    every 7 days.

Note: I need the retention policy feature without using curator.

Thanks in Advance.

Curator is the standard way to handle index retention. Why can you not use it?

The only way around this is to write one yourself. Curator is, as mentioned, the current way of handling this.

What's the blocker for your organization using Curator? You don't need access to a repository, or pip. You can download RPM/DEB packages that are fully self-contained and install them in even an air-gapped environment.

I think Curator is paid version right? So they won't allow us to use.

Curator is completely open-source.

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