How to configure Single sign on in Kibana GUI Authenticated by LDAP


I have enabled x-pack 30 days trial and able to connect and validate user while authenticated by openLDAP platform.
i.e Kibana GUI is opening using the user/pass configured at LDAP.

Now I am trying one step ahead to enable Single Sign in Kibana GUI.
Expectation is, if I open Kibana GUI from browser then it should take my user windows login credentials and (validate it in LDAP) directly open GUI as per role (Group) configured.

Could you please help me with a sample configuration on the same.

This is not something that can happen automatically. The closest thing I can think to match your expectations is Kerberos/SPNEGO but you need to have a kerberos implementation on your side first ( using the same openldap server as a backend ) .

Thanks, will try to explore the same.

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