How to connect Angular logs

I have a task to connect frontend to Elasticsearch but I cannot find instructions how to connect it...
For example I need to connect Angular to Elastic.

Hi @pavlod,

Where are the logs for your Angular application being output to? Are they stored in a file somewhere for example? Or are you referring to logs in the browser as you would see in the Chrome DevTools console?

I have web application and Elastic cloud (Elasticsearch, Kibana, APM, Fleet, Enterprise Search).
I figured out how to connect beck end. It is very useful. Now I need to connect front end to Elastic, to be able to collect mistakes logs... like it does Bugsnag

@pavlod so you want to be able to capture errors and perhaps other useful metrics such as browser agent etc? Can you confirm which version of Angular you are using? It sounds like the Elastic JavaScript RUM agent is what you need.

yes... I will try to connect it by JavaScript, thanks! But will it work on big projects like Asp.Net Core or Elastic has another solutions?

For the ASP.NET application you want to instrument, are you making using of C# and a framework like Blazor?

Yes... in the back side C# ASP.NET I'm using Serilog.Sinks.* but now I need to set up logging from a front side.. to be able to view fronts mistake logs

Ok, given you've originally asked about Angular is it the case that you are looking to instrument multiple applications? For ASP.Net I would recommend having a look at the .NET APM Agent, specifically the ASP.NET Quick Start.

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