How to connect eck elasticsearch with eck logstash

eck logtash 8 version needs ca.crt of eck Elasticsearch. But i dont know how to access this ca.crt file using logstash. my log stash file has cacert location. but I don't know how to access ca.crt file.

        hosts => "quickstart-es-http:9200"
        user => "elastic"
        password => ""
        cacert => "***********************"

Can someone give me a guide to accessing the Elasticsearch ca. crt file from Logstash?

You can get ca.cer in Elasticsearch pod. You might have to get the file from Elasticsearch pod and mount the same in logstash pod under some path and refer the same in logstash output plugin.

You also have option to skip SSL. However this is not recommended.

I tried your solution previously. but it didn't work. It comes indentation issue. can you share an example logtash yaml for this?

May I know what you have tried. The skip SSL one? Can you please post your output plugin here.

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