How to connect PostgreSQL Database using elastic Search?

I want to connect PostgreSQL database using Elasticsearch and use directly url of Elasticsearch in to js file.


We are currently using Jprante/elasticsearch-jdbc which is really useful to get data from postgreSQL to Elasticsearch (through SQL queries) and the javascript client for elasticsearch elasticsearch.js to call elasticsearch from js.

This solution is really nice, and works with the newest version of elasticsearch.

PS: Thanks to Jprante btw.

Thank you for Quick Reply.
I already done this thing but i get error when i was connect to database.
And when i was searching about error thin i found river is not working on elasticsearch version 2.1.
pls help me out.

@Rajnikant JDBC importer for Elasticsearch 2.1 is not a river. It's a standalone application.

You can open your issue at if you like.

@jprante thank you. i was open new issue on github. please help me.

@jprante Data is successfully imported but when i was checking in to elastic search then i did not get anything.