How to connect remote Tribe node to AWS Elasticsearch Service

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I am having a tribe node which is configured in one of my RHEL 7.0 box from that Iam trying to connect the AWS Elasticsearch service. I am not getting any error but I cloudn't see the index and nodes got added to my tribe node.


t1: cluster1 ["xxx.xx.xx","xxx.xx.xx",""]
t2: <<awsid>>:elastictest ["xxxx.xx.xx"]  (Its my public IP AWS ES service)

NOTE: When I gave the AWS ES endpoint . I got error so I used the public IP.

t2: <<awsid>>:elastictest [""]

My ask is like whether we can connect AWS elasticsearch service to the tribe node remotely.

Thanks in advance!!!

(Ryan Ernst) #2

AFAIK, the AWS elasticsearch service does not expose the transport api (which is what nodes use to communicate with each other). Since tribe is a node type, it won't be able to communicate with the cluster. Even if it could, it would be unlikely able to join.

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