How to connect remote Tribe node to AWS Elasticsearch Service


I am having a tribe node which is configured in one of my RHEL 7.0 box from that Iam trying to connect the AWS Elasticsearch service. I am not getting any error but I cloudn't see the index and nodes got added to my tribe node.


t1: cluster1 ["xxx.xx.xx","xxx.xx.xx",""]
t2: <<awsid>>:elastictest ["xxxx.xx.xx"]  (Its my public IP AWS ES service)

NOTE: When I gave the AWS ES endpoint . I got error so I used the public IP.

t2: <<awsid>>:elastictest [""]

My ask is like whether we can connect AWS elasticsearch service to the tribe node remotely.

Thanks in advance!!!

AFAIK, the AWS elasticsearch service does not expose the transport api (which is what nodes use to communicate with each other). Since tribe is a node type, it won't be able to communicate with the cluster. Even if it could, it would be unlikely able to join.

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