How to connect sets of data in Kibana?

Hi there, I am not too deep in the matter, so please have forbearance. Here is my question: Is ist possible in Kibana to have two different datasets connected on one Point? For example if I have a set of data related to customers, that shows me summed up invoice amounts. And I have a second set of data with the invoices over the time. Is ist possible to get them "crossed" in Kibana if one datapoint is congruent, without activating the IT?
Thank you, BW

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There's no such thing as a join in Elasticsearch (and thus Kibana), no. Data is generally represented in different structures to compensate.

However based on your example, you would extract the sum of invoice amounts from the invoices over time using an aggregation. So there is no need to have the stored amounts and it can be calculated dynamically.

Thank you very much!

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