How to convert to JSON Query using Java HighlevelRestClient

ocalhost:9200/my_index/_mapping/doc { "properties": { "my_field": { "type": "text", "fielddata": true } } }

How to convert this to java API using HighLevelRestClient

This is a PUT mapping operation. Not a search call. What do you mean?

hi David,
I want to sort the text fields ,so before sorting I want make fieldData= true , I have done it ,
like this
XContentBuilder jsonBuilder = XContentFactory.jsonBuilder()) {
final XContentBuilder builder = jsonBuilder
.field("type", "text")
.field("fielddata", true)/setting fielddata/

But how to do this besides I am indexing using Logstash

David Raju Sammeta

Not sure why you want to do that in Java.
But here is the Put mapping API in Java:

yes I am using this in java , is there a possibility to use this put mapping stuff while indexing using logstash ,I mean I am using Logstash for indexing my ElasticSearch Data ,and I want to set the fieldData =true while indexing .

correct me if my problem statement is mis interpreting .

What is the relationship with Logstash here? I don't understand the picture so I can't give exact answers I'm afraid.

I am indexing my data into elastic search using logstash ,now I want to sort string fields ,but I am getting exceptions because I did't set the field data=true ,now I want to set this fieldData=true while indexing using logstash .

Note:I have done this using java but want to do this using Logstash

You need to define an index template probably. See

Thank u David Pilato ,I hope this works

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