How to convert transformed index pattern from keyword/string->long?

I'm trying to convert a field that is a keyword to a long but I cannot edit it, it is fixed in the transform index.

So I tried to use a ingest node pipeline which use convert keyword to long but how do I use that ingest node pipeline to my transform index?

For example the original index pattern has type like this:

time type: text,long
time.keyword type: keyword

then when I transform the index I dont have the option to make it a a time.long or long so it has to be a keyword, then in the transform index pattern I cannot change it to a long

Is there a way to change it to a long or a number?

You can set the settings and mappings of the desitnation index beforehand.
Below is the description about destination index parameter of transform API.


(Required, string) The destination index for the transform. The mappings of the destination index are deduced based on the source fields when possible. If alternate mappings are required, use the Create index API prior to starting the transform.

Create transform API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.17] | Elastic

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