How to correctly determine the weight of a node

Hey Team,

I'm trying to calculate the weights of each node based on the below two settings taken from shard balancing heuristics:


Let's say we have the below scenario:

Node 1 has 2 indexes: index A and index B
Node 1 also has 3 primary shards and 3 replica shards (6 shards in total).
cluster.routing.allocation.balance.shard = 0.45f
cluster.routing.allocation.balance.index = 0.55f

Then as per the documentation:

  1. cluster.routing.allocation.balance.shard defines the weight factor for the total number of shards allocated on a node:

    Total number of shards * 0.45 = 6 * 0.45 = 2.7

  2. cluster.routing.allocation.balance.index defines the weight factor for the number of shards per index allocated on a specific node:

    Number of shards per index = 6 (total number of shards) / 2 (number of indexes on the node) = 3.0

  3. Weight of Node 1 is the sum of weights calculated from 1. and 2.:

    Node 1 weight = 2.7 + 3 = 5.7

Is the above a correct way of calculating a node's weight?


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