How to correlate two log files based on a UNIQUE key:value pair?

I have two log files. In one log file there are 3 fields after it is split over and it gets showed up in Kibana.

  • mobile
  • eid
  • access_time

And this is another file with 10 fields:

  • mobile
  • card
  • token
  • vehicle
  • .
  • .and so on

So, what I want is, if I search in Kibana wit mobile=123, then I should show all the fields from both the log files or lets say I am interested only in some fields from both the log files. Is this possible to achieve in Kibana ?

Hi @marco2005
Yes it's possible, you can create an index-pattern in Kibana that cover both indices LogA and LogB for example: Log*
Then on Discover you can select that index-patten and query using your mobile field. It will show logs that match both indices. You can also select the column you want to visualize on the Available fields column on the right side.

Please checkout this link for an overview of the steps:

Unfortunately that doesn't work.
In Index patterns , I see 4 fields now:

mobile string
mobile.keyword string
mobile string
mobile.keyword string

So, the 1st two from LOGA and the 2nd from LOGB.

So, What I want to achieve:

If I go to Datatable visualization and in the Buckets >> Split rows , I should be able to select Terms >> mobile and then similarly token and eid in the same visualization.

At the moment, when I select Terms aggregation . Under the field, I see 4 fields like I mentioned above. If I select the first and then select eid and token, nothing comes up.

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