How to count the number of docs indexed per N seconds

I would like to know how many documents are indexed per N seconds.
So, I want to export/get statistics about the Elastic cluster performance.
Is there a way to get these numbers?
Is there a way to split these numbers per index?


Kibana provide visualize, which is easy to get/export some statistics from Elasticsearch.

Any specific?
I couldn't find anything handy.

For example, count documents of packeatbeats indices per 5s.

You could use an external monitoring agent through the stats api; personally I use grafana +influxdb+telegraf

Stats will not give me the # of documents indexed per second.

Elasticsearch does not store this natively, so you need to monitor or calculate this based on calls to the stats APIs, which is what Elasticsearch monitoring does or query the indexed data, which assumes you have accurate time stamps.

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