Ho wo get the average number of write events per second to all indices in my elasticsearch cluster


I am using elasticserach 6.3.0. I have Kibana 6.3.0 with monitoring enabled.

Is it possible to get the average write events to all indices in my elasticsearch cluster (i am pushing using multiple Logstash instances) per second, using elasticsearch API or using Kibana Monitoring plugin? I would like to have the statistics of my elasticsearch.

Thank you.

The Monitoring functionality provides this, is it not what you want?

Could you tell me how can I get this using AI request, without using Kibana UI? Also is it possible to get average document size?

Thank you.

You'd have to query the .monitoring indices to get this, but it's not documented AFAIK.

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Could you show me an example, because I have no idea how to do it. :pray:

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