Read Writes Per Second

Hi Team,
I am trying to get hardware estimates for the elastic cluster based on document growth and Read/Writes per second.

To get Read/Writes per second on a cluster, is there are an API or tool ( other than marvel )
Tried all the CAT APIs but it doesn't seem to be giving that details.

Am i missing something ? Can you help to find out this metric ?

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Good to know this. Can someone help please?

I usually use Kibana for a visual overview of read / writes in an index, but if you want to automate something I would suggest checking the Index stats API. You can call it with "_all" rather than an index name, like this:

GET /_all/_stats

That will give you the total stats for your indices, such as the total number of queries and how much time they've spent, total number of indexing operations and the time that took plus things like store size, number of deleted docs, number of segments, merging operations, flushes etc.

I hope you can use some of this for your quest, good luck!

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