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I am running a 3 node cluster and basically I want to see how many writes per second I have to my index in ES. I know X-pack is good for this to give me monitoring functionality, but before I install it on my 3 node cluster, I want to just monitor these rates command line.

Is it possible command line, just to list how many writes I have to a particular index per second? I see there are many command for displaying cluster state,what can I issue just to to see Index Rate per second?

The command below almost gives me too much, all I want is a representation command line of what Monitoring in Kibana would give me, for Index rate p/s
curl -XGET 'localhost:9200/xyz/_stats?pretty'

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You need something which collects that information and aggregate over time. This is basically what XPack does behind the scene.

Note that monitoring in x-pack is available for free with the basic license.

Anyway, have a look at:


X-pack sounds great but I believe I read its best to install on separate server to my ES cluster? I dont have a spare VM at the moment.
I don't want to reload my current cluster at the moment as well, and I believe this is manditory when installing X-pack?

I found the following command that does what I need, maybe useful for others too:
curl -XGET 'localhost:9200/_cat/count/twitter?v&pretty'

I can initiate this count command and see per second, what has been written to my index, easy to calculate per second the write.

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It depends but yes having a separate monitoring cluster is a nice thing to do. Our gold and platinum customers can have for free a monitoring cluster that we manage on

Yes. You have to restart your nodes. I think that rolling upgrade might work though.

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