How to create a kibana user using OSS distribution

I am using ELK stack version 7.1.0 of OSS distribution. I have one user created that has full access and privileges (it do can all crud operations).
I wanna create one more kibana user that should have ReadOnly access and privileges to all resources.
I am running ELK stack as containers in docker-swarm mode.
here are my kibana.yml config kibana "0"
elasticsearch.hosts: http://elasticsearch:9200
elasticsearch.username: "elastic"
elasticsearch.password: "xxxxxxx"

What changes needs to be done in kibana.yml file to get a kibana user with read-only access using OSS distribution. Is it possible to this using OSS distribution.

The Security functionality is not included in the OSS distribution. You will need to use the Default distribution and a version >=7.3, as that is when we released Security for free.

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