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I have created a kibana Dashboard which our team will be using. As of now, everyone is able to view and edit the dashboards. Only I should be able to edit and rest of the team members should have read only access. I have installed Kibana and Elasticsearch both on RHEL 7.

Please help me in creating a read only mode for Dashboards.

Thank you in advance!


You can change the roles of the user accounts that your team will be using to read-only permissions for dashboards.

Hi Wylie,

For me it is not showing security option in the management. Attached is the screenshot for your reference.

Please help me with the steps to get the security option in Kibana. Thanks in advance!


Security is at the bottom of the management section. It requires the free basic license.

as wylie said you have to enable basic security

here are some steps

here are steps

shutdown everything (logstash/kibane/elasticsearch)

create certificate
/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-certutil cert -out /etc/elasticsearch/config/elastic-certificates.p12 -pass ""

chown -R elasticsearch:elasticsearch /etc/elasticsearch/config

copy this folder config on all your elastic cluster node

add these line to your /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml file. on all nodes true true certificate /etc/elasticsearch/config/elastic-certificates.p12 /etc/elasticsearch/config/elastic-certificates.p12

start elasticsearch and setup password

setup the password
/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive

may be restart your elasticsearch on all node again just to be safe

now on kibana
add following to kibana.yml
elasticsearch.username: "kibana"
elasticsearch.password: "kibana" (if password is different use that) true

start kibana - use elastic/password(what ever you have set earlier) to login and you will have this options available.

now for logstash config file you have to use following in output section.
user => elastic
password => elastic

Thank you Sachin. Issue is resolved.

I have just added below lines to elasticsearch.yml file which resolved the issue. true true certificate

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