How to create a line chart featuring an average as line and max and min as bubbles?


I am using ELK GA 5.0.0. In my Elasticsearch, I have an index containing some number data. I am able to plot a line graph using the Average in Y-Axis aggregation, and date histogram in X-Axis. I managed to create 2 more similar charts with Max and Min aggregation. What I am trying to achieve is, I want to get all these in a single chart. Max and Min as circles and Avg as a line. Below is an image I found on, and I am trying to achieve that;

How can I create a visualization like this? Thanks in advance.

Those are part of the Earthquake demo for Elasticon Tour16. You can find the repo with the details on how to reproduce it and with the syntax for those 3 visualizations.

They are Timelion charts and you have some reference in the upper right of the Timelion tab, in the Docs.

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