How to create a master list of devices and compare with the input logs to show in Kibana


I have 20 Raspberry Pi devices installed. They all are uploading data to elasticsearch and I can see the online devices in kibana dashboard. But along with online, I also want to see the list of device name which are offline. I have tried uploading the list of device name from the datasource itself but its not possible.

I am planning to create a maser table which will contain the name of all the devices in a datatable visualization (or any other suitable visualization). So once I have the data coming from the devices, the data contains device id attribute. Is there any way, I can compare the device id data received in last 15mins with the master table to show the device id for which data has not been received and thus will be tagged as offline devices.

Is this possible.? Or is there any other way to show the list of devices for which the data has not been received on kibana dashboard

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