How to create a multi field mapping for a geo_shape / text field?

I saw this thread - Can't create geo_shape multi field. It looks like it's not possible to create a multi field that includes the type 'geo_shape' and 'keyword'?

In my particular case I have a dataset with several thousand records, but only a few different possible polygons. So I would like to aggregate on this field...

How to do that?

Why not add a separate field that contains the name of the polygon (or possibly a fingerprint/hash)?

That would work... although it seems arbitrary to disallow multi field mapping on geo_shape.

What is the length and format of the geo shape field?

In my case they are WKT polygons with 5 points (rectangles). i've come to the point of view that pivoting on long text isn't sensible though... still wish that this was mentioned in the docs at least (that certain field types don't support multi field mapping)

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