How to create a simple graph structure using Kibana xpack plugin

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I have inserted the below data into the elasticsearch and trying to view it in Kibana - graph options.
I am using Kibana 5.2.2. Added the below records. Added the 2 columns and selected 2 icons. what are the next steps to view the graph
curl -XPUT '' -d '{"origin_country_code": 100,"merchant_code" : 1002}';
curl -XPUT '' -d '{"origin_country_code": 200,"merchant_code" : 1002}';
curl -XPUT '' -d '{"origin_country_code": 300,"merchant_code" : 1003}';
curl -XPUT '

0/casemanager2/test/t5' -d '{"origin_country_code": 400,"merchant_code" : 1003}';

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Can someone look into this question ?

(Mark Walkom) #3

You need to search for something against those fields, like a specific merchant or country code.

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Thanks Mark. I have tried to search with a value present in elastic search say 100.
it doesn't return anything.PFA the screenshots.

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Can some one please check this issue

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