How to create a timeline in vega-lite with hourly division as well as date and day mentioned in X-axis

I am putting some data in vega-lite, which has time values in the format " YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".
And I want the timeline in x-axis with hourly division of 24hrs as well as the date mentioned.

I have put the following json to get some output, but it is not giving me of each hour.

"encoding": {
"x": {
"timeUnit": "yearmonthdatehoursminutes",
"type": "temporal",
"axis": {
"format": " %d %b %a %H:%M",
"title": "timeline"


"y": {
  "field": "username",
  "type": "nominal",
      "axis": {
    "title": "users",


Can some help me out, thanks in advance.

I want all the 24hour division

I want something like , in this picture.

@nyuriks - can you please help here? Thanks

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