How to create birds eye visualization in kibana?

Hi Team,

I want to create a similar visualization in kibana dashboard which kind of visualization should I use? I am trying to create a visualization where users could see pod distribution across the nodes.

I want something which looks similar to APM inventory. Is heat map the one I should use ?

Hi Sidharth,

We had a similar question about a month ago. I was somewhat successful with a custom Vega visualization. Can you see if that works for you? Looking for an annunciator panel heat map visualization - #4 by nickpeihl

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I have not really used vega before so am not able to customize it to what I want. Do u have any good documents for vga? getting errors and am not able to understand how to troubleshoot that

I usually look at the examples from the website to find something similar to what I want to accomplish. And then I review the documentation to fill in the gaps.

For examples specific to Kibana, I recommend this repo.

Also, there are some debugging tools available in your browser's console when the Vega visualization is opened.

Can you be more specific about what you are trying to do? Sharing your code may help.

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What I am trying to achieve is a bird's eye view of pods that are running in a particular node in Kubernetes.

Fields are and

Perhaps Lens TreeMap or Heatmap?

BTW That is Metrics Inventory (not APM) and you can add custom metrics to it if you like.

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Heat map and tree map is good but there are so many pods so it looks messy.

ya i was trying to think if there is a way to redirect user to that metric invernotry under observablity. We have the the index pattern there but i was trying to create visulization which looks similar to that.

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