How to create custom search fields in Discover tab

How to create custom search fields in Discover tab.

I am using MongoDB river to push documents(application logs) from MongoDB to ES. I would intend to use Kibana as the front end tool.

The default search that comes along with Kibana has only one input textbox. I have to provide queries like "level:INFO project:PROJ1,".

Instead of writing this query I would like to customize the Discover tab to show these as separate input fields where the user can select/enter values.

Can somebody please suggest me the steps that I should follow to customize the search options in Discover tab.

Pinned filters in KB 4.1 should alleviate some of this problem for you.

Hi Mark,
With the pinned filters predefined searches can be performed. Like levelLERROR, but if the user now wants to search for level:DEBUG then he has to create another pinned filter.

I wanted to customize the search itself. Like providing separate input fields for one particular index in ES. This way the user will have more control on what to search for.

even i am looking for the same solution..any leads will be helpful

I understand your use case, and it's a valid ask. Unfortunately, there isn't currently a good way to do that in Kibana 4 at this time (aside from custom development, that is).

The combination of pinned filters and editable filters coming in a later release should make this possible, though. You can follow our progress in Github.

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for the reply.
It is good to know that this feature would be a part of Kibana 4 in a later release.
Till this time, any information of custom development of this feature is highly appreciated.