Can we customize the fields to be viewed in index for the enduser

Hi Team,

Can we create the template for specific fields for my index in Elastic Search using Python code or by any other means , so that when we open Kibana dashboard , I can just use this template . I wanted to accomplish the following scenario .

  1. I am already having the platform where the Kibana and Elastic Search is enabled .
  2. I am pushing the data to Elastic Search using FluentD configuration . ( So with the help of this configuration , Index is getting created )

Now I want to give the option to end user such that when he/she opens the Kibana dashboard , he just imports the predefined template for my index( containing specific fields to view )

I would be thankful for any of the inputs on this .


Thank you for reaching out to us. I think what you are looking for is Kibana's support for dashboard only mode . .

When a user in Dashboards Only Mode first logs into Kibana, they will only see the Dashboard app in the left navigation pane. All edit and create controls will be hidden. However can you clarify more if this is what you were looking for ?


Thankyou Rashmi for your valuable inputs :slight_smile:

I think I have to explain my doubt in a better way to get the correct inputs .

  1. I have a system where in Kibana and Elastic Serach and Fluent has been already installed as a part of platform .

  2. My application just has to emit the logs and the fluentd will capture it and send it to ElasticSearch.

  3. Now the elastic search creates the Index for not only my application but for all other application . So same index is used for all the other application in the system .
    And we are using some logging library common for all .So actually if someone has to generate the logs , they have to generate with specific fields ( say there are 10 fields ) . Now this all 10 fields will be available in the kibana for the end user to view when they open Kibana .

Since for the user of my application are interested mostly in 5 fields out of the 10 fields , they will open the kibana dashboard , they will give the index name and they will select only those 5 fields in which they are interested .
I want to avoid the above work for my enduser . So I need to know if there is any way where I can create a template where in I mention only 5 fields . So that when end user install my application and then when he opens the kibana dashboard they can load the template and when they load only 5 fields are visible .


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