How to create graph with time on y axis and date timeline on x axis?


I'm trying to visualize bacula backup logs. Each one log means one finished job, it contains clientname, starttime, endtime, jobstatus, number of files backed up and backup type. I want a visualization, where on x axis will be timeline, like one month window, and on y axis will be stacked clients, one above the other, according to when backup job has started and when has finished. Backup operations are serial.
Reason for this is I want to see how see how long backup operations took and whether I should reschedule backup. Yes, I can to directly into logs, but I think this can be done with kibana. And I want one visualization for successfull backup, another one for failed and the last one for how much data were transferred during backup operations.

Is that somehow possible with kibana or I should choose different approach?

Thank you for help.

Are start times and finish times separate fields? Kibana's metric aggregations work with numbers, so at ingest time you could find the difference in seconds between the two, or calculate with a scripted field. Then something like a date histogram, with sub buckets on backup start time, and a metric aggregation on the new backup time field.

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