How to create index

as in docs define these step to create index curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/customer?pretty' but my question is here paste these browser url ya type in cmd window ... how to excute these line

Sorry. What is your question?

Open a terminal
Paste this command
Press enter

I think he's trying to ask how to use that curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/customer?pretty' in windows command prompt.
The command he stated is only usable in a terminal like the one Ubuntu uses. Windows cmd doesn't accept curl commands.

Unless you install Curl for windows. But I would not recommend it.

@Arun_Kumar Use any REST plugin for your browser.

I'm using SENSE most of the time.

Yeah that tends to be a hornets nest in my opinion.
Marvel with Sense works wonders indeed. You can even copy the commands out of the documentation (even if they aren't meant to be used in Sense) and the program will just automatically format it in the correct syntax when you paste it.

after paste
query a index has been created .. brother after this how to add data
visualize .. create report any working example i m still confuse after
creating index how to proceed.



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Hi David ,

Need a help i m create maven java project and add elastic search .jar file
dependency but its show error .. google to try example but success with
this .. can you help me a pom.xml sample to adding jar there dependency ...

thanks in advance...


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