How to create max of serial difference in visualbuilder

i have data for every 15 mins with an incrimental data field. for rxample at 10:00 a.m. the value is 100 and at 10:15 the value is 130, at 10:30 the value 200 etc..
I have to find the serial difference and need to draw a graph with the max value of serial diff for each day
1 st day the max of serial difference is 80, for second day it is 90, for 3rd day 100,
with these values need to draw a graph.

can u please suggest

Hey @anjilinga,

From what I understand, you are trying to create a graph depicting a Serial Differencing Aggregation.

The best way to do so would be in the timelion visualization. In timelion you can provide an offset using the timelion expression language.

For example, if I were to take the serial difference between each day over time using an offset. The expression might look something like this :point_down: (i.e. f(x) = f(xt) - f(xt-n)).

.es(index=kibana_sample_data_logs, offset=-1d).mvavg(1d))

Then setting the interval to 1d. This would give me a graph looking something like this :point_down:

You can adjust the mvavg to smooth out the curve.

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