How to visualize the Sum,Max of serial diff aggregated values

Hi Team,

I have a CSV file in the below format.All the values corresponding to the ACK,BYE,INFO and PRACK are cumulative not absolute values .We are using logstash for parse and send this values to elastic search.

|Sat Nov 9 00:00:01 GMT 2019|ACK|6824505|BYE|1853415|INFO|3|PRACK|1459953|
|Sat Nov 9 00:01:01 GMT 2019|ACK|6824583|BYE|1853425|INFO|3|PRACK|1459973|
|Sat Nov 9 00:02:01 GMT 2019|ACK|6824690|BYE|1853439|INFO|3|PRACK|1460032|
|Sat Nov 9 00:03:01 GMT 2019|ACK|6824720|BYE|1853446|INFO|3|PRACK|1460043|
|Sat Nov 9 00:04:01 GMT 2019|ACK|6824811|BYE|1853454|INFO|3|PRACK|1460092|
|Sat Nov 9 00:05:02 GMT 2019|ACK|6824878|BYE|1853464|INFO|3|PRACK|1460124|

The requirements are,
1.Basically to plot the difference between the values/minute.For this we are using kibana serial diff aggregation with an interval of 1 minute.
2.The next requirement is to find the Sum and Maximum values of the serial difference calculate in the first requirement.

We are struggling to achieve the second one with Kibana.It would be great ,if someone can help us on this.

You can do the the Sum with "Cumulative Sum" parent pipeline aggregation, but I don't thing you can calculate the Max of that serial diff.

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