[Kibana visualization] max of sum

need your help to do a max of sum group by document's date field

Assuming I have 2 series , can you please tell me what metric aggregation I have to use to do this:


each line is in the separate document
Thanks in advance for your help


This sounds like it's a sibling pipeline aggregation: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-aggregations-pipeline-max-bucket-aggregation.html

Thanks for your quick reply. But I have already tried this and it is not giving the result I'm expecting.
Actually, when I'm analyzing a short period and using a short bucket (5 min), so yes it is correct, but when I'm analyzing for a day for example 5 min as a bucket is very short for kibana

and the result is something like that (assuming bucket is 10 min)


actually I need something like
select MAX (sum (CurrentActiveSessionsTotal) group by date


Hi again

I have a better result using timelion (it was my first try :slight_smile: ), but still have some incorrect values .
this is my request

split=name.keyword:5, kibana=1 , q='type : kpi_realm AND name: Peer_edfe_ AND hostname.keyword :TSBC-11*',).label(regex='.(PEER).(LON.*)',label='($2)'),

kibana=1 ,q='type : kpi_realm AND name: Peer_edfe_ AND hostname.keyword :TSBC-11*',
).scale_interval(1m).legend(position=sw).label(label='sum of CurrentActiveSessionsInbound ')

when I request for 1 day the result seems correct

max sum of the day = 265

but when I increase the period (3 days for example) I have this

as you can see , it shows me 248 as max of the sum values of the same day I showed before.

Do you have any idea how I can solve this please?


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