How to create multiple nodes in elasticsearch

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Hi All,

We are trying to create multiple nodes (2 nodes) in a single elastic search instance. Is it need two different machine for each node, can we do it via elastic search config file and how we can increase the elastic search performance due to making multiple node?

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in general unless you have very beefy machines running more than one node on the same machine is not the recommended setup. also if you do that you have to make sure you tell elasticsearch that the two nodes running on the same machine otherwise if will place replicas on that second node and if you loose the machine your data is lost. So in general if you want to increase performance you should consider a second physical machine. What are your machine specs?

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In short the answer is YES and definitely, you'll need at least one configuration file per node and you need a powerful machine to do so as @s1monw said.

I've done something similar where I have 3 physical servers and each has 32-core with 256GB of RAM. These servers were given to me, I did not have the option to spec out the HW for deployment. My estimate per node is at least 64GB of RAM with 2-core minimum plus hard drives per node or instance. So with my servers, I can run 3 instances at most, leaving extra resources to the host.

Just like what @s1monw said, running ES in this kind of setup, you'll need to make sure the replicas are in other physical machines, not co-located. Another issue that you might run into is file i/o when 3 ES instances are competing to read/write its own index files. If you have a choice, do one instance per physical machine... if you don't, set it up and test out your workflow before putting into production.


I'm also running multiple nodes per machine. My setup is for log analysis and is not mission critical. It is definitely possible but it makes upgrades and reboots a bit trickier as more than one node might/will go down at the same time. There are settings to get around that but in an ideal situation it would be nice to have one dedicated machine per ES node...

I have deployment completely Puppet managed which makes running several nodes on the same machine easier than manually configuring it.

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Agree with two separate machine. Is there any impact with x-pack license with two different expires date?


I have the same x-pack license on all clusters (3 of them). One cluster has 20 nodes running on 4 machines, one has 10 nodes on two machines and the last one just two nodes on one single machine.

I'm only using the free license but it would be the same with a paid license as far as I know.

You can use the "production" license for tests and staging as long as the "use case" is the same.

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