How to create new Elastic search engine

I'm trying to create a search engine and I'm following the documentation here .
this is the POST request I sent through the Postman:


and this is the response


    "ok": false,

    "message": "Unknown resource."


I'm not sure what are instant_id, region and provider in this example Is there any chance to create an engine locally rather on the aws, google or Azure platform?

Hey, you can follow the instructions here for installing it locally: Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.0] | Elastic

Hey Jason,
I have Elasticsearch running on Docker now in three nodes (9200, 3002 and 5601).
I can send http request to 3002 endpoint from .Net and Postman to create a new engine.
But I want to use Nest client or low level client to deal with the creating, deleting and updating engines. I was wondering if there is a way to avoid http request in .Net and use Elasticsearch .Net client instead?

Unfortunately, if you are trying to create an Engine with Enterprise Search, we do not have a .NET client available.

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