How to create separate index for separate devices?

Hi there,

I have around 8-10 devices which are sending logs to logstash over syslog. I need to if I can have separate index created per dvice? like logstash-router1-, logstash-firewall-, logstash-nginx-* and so on?

What do I need to do to achieve the same? Rewrite separate templates or mappings? Pls advise.

If you have a hostname or a device type in the syslog message then you could make the index name refer to that.

index => "logstash-%{hostname}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"


Thanks and how about mapping then? I guess that would be changed as well?

The fields in your indexes will be mapped according to index templates and, as a fallback, Elasticsearch's automapper. Depending on your mapping requirements you may or may not need different templates.

Well I am still lacking in templates and mappings :frowning: and still looking for basic doc which could describe how and why to create templates?

And you've read the sections about mappings and index templates in the Elasticsearch documentation?

I would start with an index name that starts with logstash- (so it matches the default template) and not worry about templates until you find a problem that requires one.

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