How to create visualization of text data

im having an ELK stack with filebeats.
my filebeats configuration is listening to MQTT messages on specific topic.
under discover I can filter the message and read the log,my goal is to create dashboard/visualiztion on this logs lines,but when Im trying to create visualization i cant fins the 'message' field(type = text), should i convert this field to any other type? how can i create a dashboard contains only the log lines?

Hi @Aviel_Bashari ,

what type of visualization are you thinking of for the log lines? Something like a table?

Using Discover you can build a logs table and save it as Saved Search to show in a dashboard: Save a search for reuse | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic
This sounds close enough to what you are looking for?

As alternatives, if you are interested in aggregated data about text information, a Lens Table can be useful as well, as shown in this example: Build your first dashboard | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic .

Another visualization solution for text-based data can be TagClouds which are useful to track how frequently a keyword appears in your logs: Aggregation-based | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic

Note that only keyword text can be used for aggregations.

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