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I have over 1000 servers in my environment and I am collecting 2 kinds of data for creating visualization using kibana,
* first one is a database data pulled by logstash mysql plugin. this data is basically the configuration management data for all servers.
* next is the metric and log data collected by beats and this is collected induvidually from each servers.

My requirement is to create a dashboard which shows each individual server performance and log data charts along with its configuration data such as location, rack number, serial number etc.

I am able to form the charts for performance and log data. But i am not sure how to display key & values (text) from configuration management data in text format. Please advise me the best solution for this problem. Thanks.

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Perhaps , splitting rows with terms aggregation in Data Table is closest to your requirement when using Dashboard?

If not could you elaborate how you want to aggregate your configuration management?


Hi, I want to dsplay them in boxes with 'key' as the box label and 'value' as the text inside box. There is a 'metric' visualization type but it can display the number output only. I am looking for something similar to metric, but to display text values.

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I think best you could do with data table is below.

Otherwise, I think it's better to write a kibana plugin with custom html.

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