Kibana data table issue

How to display the text data in kibana data table without using metric like
|DRM & ADRMs chambers||First
|Commercial Dept.|Ground|
|Operating Dept.|Ground|
if possible how? if not how should i do with a dashboards

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Hey @dharani, the Data Table visualization operates on "aggregations", hence why it's making you select a metric.

If you're looking to show individual documents, you can save your search in Discover and add it to a Dashboard. Otherwise, the TSVB's table visualization might satisfy your needs.

Thank you!its Working

I used save search in discovery and embedded the dashboard to application ,the table has the functionality expanded document it should be restricted to my client .Capture
note:during embedding to application we also used &embed =True end of the hyper link.

Hello guys,
Any update about this.

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