How to customize beat host name or beat name

(Lory Hou) #1

I am using metricbeat to collect system performance via docker installation. The and beat.hostname is the b60271bea7a3 which is not readable. Can I customize it via docker-compose file, like
- beat.hostname=204

(Tudor Golubenco) #2

You can customise with the name setting in the configuration file (In the General section). You can't change beat.hostname, so we recommend using in the dashboards (that's what we do in the Beats dashboards that we provide).

(Lory Hou) #3

thanks a lot, can I change via docker compose file?

(Tudor Golubenco) #4

There are multiple options, but I think easiest is to use something like this in docker-compose:

command: metricbeat -e  -E name=myname

See here for more examples.

(system) #5

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