How to customize Kibana UI and add content using HTML


I would like to add a floating footer at every page of Kibana. This will be our own custom footer and it will contain some text and hyperlinks leading to important sites in our organization. Where could be the main HTML file for the home page? Btw, I'm using kibana-7.1.1-windows-x86_64 version.

Need help. Thanks a lot!


Please note that we have a feature request with this functionality (adding a customizable header/footer) already open (see here), so I'd suggest you follow that issue and maybe you won't have to do your own custom implementation.


Actually, there is already an existing framework for the footer that I will be putting in Kibana's pages. This has been done and is already used by other custom web apps that we have since it's the standard that was set, we're just trying to comply as well & implement it in Kibana (being our data visualization tool). The only thing that I'd be doing here is to insert the ff. lines of code in the HTML file of Kibana.

<div id="*companyfooter*" data-widgetid="*some Id Number*" data-appid="*some Id Number*" ></div>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="*some link for the css*">
<script src="*some link for the js*"></script>

Do you think this is possible? I'd like to know which HTML file is needed to achieve this. In what folder directory is it exactly located? Again, we're using 7.1.1 version.
Thank you so much!

To be honest, I am not sure if something like this is possible, but having a look here would be a good starting point:

This is where our core DOM elements are being created.

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