How to define cutsom roles in sheild with kibana integration for each user one index


My ES version is :1.5.2
shield is:2.3
kibana:4.1.11 /etc/elasticsearch/shield/roles.yml i have edited predefined role in the below way to only read the index '.marvel-2016.08.30' through the kibana
- cluster:monitor/nodes/info
- cluster:monitor/health
- indices:admin/mappings/fields/get
- indices:admin/validate/query
- indices:data/read/search
- indices:data/read/msearch
- indices:admin/get
- indices:admin/exists
- indices:admin/mapping/put
- indices:admin/mappings/fields/get
- indices:admin/refresh
- indices:admin/validate/query
- indices:data/read/get
- indices:data/read/mget
- indices:data/read/search
- indices:data/write/delete
- indices:data/write/index
- indices:data/write/update
- indices:admin/create

2.created user
bin/shield/esusers useradd A -r kibana4 -p pwd

in kibana.yml added
kibana_elasticsearch_username: A
kibana_elasticsearch_password: pwd

now when i go to the kibana iam logging in to that user A ,Hence my user can can only view index '.marvel-2016.08.30'.

now my requirement is to another user B need to acces only diffferent index '.marvel-2016.08.29'..
can u do with custom role?..if yes how to create custom roles and add users to kibana

How to do this !Please help me out