How to define GeoIP in elastic agent v8.9?

Hello all,
How to define GeoIP in elastic agent policy, I have installed elastic agent v8.9 on a standalone ubuntu server, (my ELK stack version is 8.9) I have Nginx server running on that machine I want to monitor logs and metrics of the system as well as the nginx, I have installed the nginx and system integrations and and copy pasted its agent policies to the elastic-agent.yml, I want to get the GeoIP data as well.

elastic-agent ---> Elastic

I have tried to use logstash to process the data from the agent to ES but it causes the dashboard to break as I am using custom index name "ubuntu-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}" and the integrations dashboards are referring to logs-* and metrics-* by default instead of my custom index, I have also tried the index aliases, it works, but still it causes some of the panels to break too, therefore I want to use elastic agent only.

The nginx dashboard is not showing the GeoIP data as below screenshot.

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