How to delete dashboards using API in 5.6 version

Hello All,

Could any one suggest is there any way to delete dashboards through API i.e curl commands instead of deleting through GUI Kibana.


You could do this with the Saved Objects API.

One way to do this is by getting a list of dashboards from the Find Objects API of type dashboard.

Then make multiple calls to the Delete Object API with the type and id for each item in the list.

As per the document the api is not available in 5.6 version. May i know is there any way to delete dashboards through curl commands in 5.6 version as we have dashboards in bulk which needs to be delete.


There are no curl commands I am aware of to do this in 5.6. You can delete sets of objects (such as dashboards) through the Kibana interface.

Yes.. I did it ... Thank you

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