How to delete kibana dashboard via API in ELK 8.11.3?

Right now I'm using ELK 8.11.3

I made a Kibana Dashboard with the id 7eb136ba-4ef4-4f99-8ec3-b58673a748ec. Then I ran this curl statement to delete the dashboard:

curl -k -X DELETE -u elastic:changeme "https://kibana:5601/api/saved_objects/dashboard/7eb136ba-4ef4-4f99-8ec3-b58673a748ec" -H "kbn-xsrf: reporting"

The delete was successful.

I found this command from here:

But that page says the command will soon be deprecated.

I can't seem to find the proper API end point to delete a Kibana dashboard for ELK 8.11.3

Can someone tell me what is the proper way to delete Kibana dashboard via REST API?

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Hi, this question has come up before: REST api: delete dashboard

The statement that the API is deprecated is confusing, because as of today there isn't a planned replacement for it. The existing API will not be removed until well after a replacement API has been delivered.

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