How to delete indice data from disk?

(Robert) #1

Hey guys,

I want to delete all indices which are older than 30 days. I have successfully created a curator script which deletes the indices from ES, the indices which are deleted are not shown in kibana but the storage is nevertheless used. What can I do to delete the data directly from disk?

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(David Pilato) #2

Very strange. This should not happen.

Can you run a

GET /_cat/indices?v

And a

ls -lrt data/nodes/0/indices/

And share both results here?

What makes you think that data is not deleted?

(Robert) #3

Hey @dadoonet,
thanks for your answer, I thought they are not deleted but they are. The storage-size has not changed so i thought they are not deleted. (but they are, so everything is fine)

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