Deleted the indexes but the data is still there

Hello everyone, I have the following question. Through Kibana, in the management section, specifically in Index Management, I deleted indexes. However, in the monitoring section, the indexes keep appearing and the disk space is still used. When I use the DELETE command it tells me that the index does not exist. How can I permanently remove these indexes?

Thanks in advance!

See here.:

If you are deleting them and they are returning, then something is asking Elasticsearch to create them and is then adding data to them.

What do your Elasticsearch logs show if you do a grep foe the index name?

Thanks for your answer, but as I mentioned previously when using the DELETE command I get that the index does not exist, surely because I already deleted it using kibana, however it is as if it was not deleted because the index continues to appear in the monitoring section .

What logs should I review? Thanks for your answer!

To further exemplify my situation, as you can see in the monitoring section, the used disk space continues to appear as if nothing was erased:


When I check in the monitoring section, the indeces keep appearing even though I already deleted them, the last one in red is one in particular that I want to delete:

In the dev tools section, when I put delete I get the following message:

I already tried to enter by console and use the command CURL XDELETE, but I get the same message indicated that the index does not exist, I entered the master node by console and I executed the command there, I hope that is correct.

If anyone knows how to permanently remove an index, I would really appreciate it.

Greetings and thanks!

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